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13 Ocober 2017

2nd leg of European Youth Grand Prix: Kirill Shevchenko keeps his leading positions.

In the top game of round 9 of 2nd leg of European Youth Grand Prix the sole leader of the tournament Kirill Shevchenko with white pieces faced Shant Sargsyan, who was on the second place. In the very tense game Shant Sargsyan had a dominating position, but because of lack of time did not manage to find the way  leading to the victory and game ended in a draw. Aram Hakobyan defeated the winner of 1st leg of European Youth Grand Prix Kirill Shubin. The third representative of Armenia – Mamikon Gharibyan, lost to Viachaslau Zarubitski of Belarus. Representative of Russia Sergei Lobanov defeated his compatriot Arseniy Nesterov, and Kacharava Nikolozi of Georgia celebrated victory over Stefan Pogosyan of Russia. The game betweeen Pultinevicius Paulius of Lithuania and Tor Fredrik Kaasen of Norway ended in a draw.

After the 9th round Ukrainian Kirill Shevchenko kept his leading position; now he has got 8 points, which is 1 point more than his nearest pursuers representatives of Armenia Shant Sargsyan and Aram Hakobyan, have.

The Chess Academy of Armenia in cooperation with the European Chess Union, under the auspices of “Polymetal” Kapan Mine Enrichment Plant is organizing the 2nd Leg of the European Youth Grand Prix from October 3-16, 2017 in the resort city of Jermuk. 12 young chess players from abroad and Armenia who have already achieved significant success in the game of chess are going to participate in it. Those are: IM Shevchenko Kirill /Ukraine/, IM Hakobyan Aram /Armenia/, Lobanov Sergei /Russia/, IM Sargsyan Shant /Armenia/, FM Kaasen Tor Fredrik /Norway/, IM Pultinevicius Paulius /Lithuania/, Nesterov Arseniy /Russia/, FM Pogosyan Stefan /Russia/, FM Shubin Kirill /Russia/, FM Gharibyan Mamikon /Armenia/, FM Zarubitski Viachaslau/Belarus/ and FM Kacharava Nikolozi /Georgia/. Games will be held from 4th to 15th of October at Jermuk Ashkharh Hotel in Jermuk. Live games and live streaming will be available every day at 3pm, the last round 11 at 10am on the official website of the tournament.