19. 01. 2018
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10 June 2017

Norway Chess 4: Aronian stuns Carlsen

“More or less everything that you would want from a chess game” is how Peter Svidler described Levon Aronian beating Magnus Carlsen for the 2nd year in a row at Altibox Norway Chess. The game started with a semi-slav and a6 hybrid. Aronian quickly proved that he was the best prepared player. After his mysterious novelty 10.Bc2 (which he said he had prepared back in 2003!), Carlsen went wrong and allowed a very strong exchange sacrifice. Black’s queen soon found itself trapped. Carlsen had no other choice than to give back material.  Aronian broken open black’s kingside with the very strong 17.Bxh7, forcing an endgame with four pawns for a bishop, where it was clear that white was having all the fun. Carlsen again went wrong with 31…e5 allowing a devastating rook lift. This game is a clear contender for game of the tournament.