22. 02. 2018
18 : 30
21 January 2017

Tigran L. Petrosyan –  Armenian Rapid Chess Champion 2017

Armenian Rapid Chess Championship took place in Chess House after Tigran Petrosyan. The tournament was very strong, as  GMs, WGMs, IMs,  WIMs, FMs and WFMs and also several players from qualifications were allowed to play. Overall, there were 60 participants: among them 13 GMs, 13 IMs, 2 WIMs and 10 FMs. The tournament was very tense one, and before last round several players could win the title. Eventually, Tigran L. Petrosyan got 7 points out of 8 and became sole winner of the tournament. 2016 Armenian Rapid Chess Champion Robert Hovhannisyan came second with 6.5 points, and bronze medal went to Gevorg Alaverdyan.

Final ranking