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19 May 2017

“World’s Youth Stars”: Round 2

Round 2 of  “World’s Youth Stars” international chess tournament was held yesterday in Kirishi, Russia. In the second round IM Aram Hakobyan’s rival was top seed IM Kirill Shevchenko of Ukraine. The game ended in a draw. Our second representative IM Shant Sargsyan also made a draw: his opponnent was Kacharava Nikolozi of Georgia. Kirill Shubin of Russia celebrated second victory in a raw. Sergei Lobanov of Russia and Nikitenko Mihail of Belarus also defeated their opponents.
After 2 rounds Kirill Shubin is solely leading the table. Aram Hakobyan, Sergei Lobanov, Kacharava Nikolozi and Giannoulakis Lampros of Greece  are closely trailing the leader. Shant Sargsyan has got 1 point and shares 6th place.

In round 3 Aram Hakobyan will face the leader: Kirill Shubin and Shant Sargsyan’s opponent will be Nikitenko Mihail.

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“World’s Youth Stars” international chess tournament is the first leg of European Youth Grand Prix